Electronic Health Records Consulting

Investment in an electronic health record system can be one largest expenditures a provider will make.

Staff Augmentation Consulting for Health IT

It’s often necessary to add personnel to handle additional IT and electronic systems. We’ll help you right size your staffing.

Accountable Care Analytics Consulting

Analytics are key to optimizing patient results – and profitability. We handle all phases of design and development.

Workflow Analysis and Redesign

Efficiency is key to a successful implementation, and we’ll work with you to optimize your workflow and drive results.

Digital Audit & Strategy Development

We can analyze your full marketing ecosystem, with an emphasis on digital, and provide a clear strategy based upon your business goals.

Digital Academy

Immersive education for your staff on digital advertising, social media marketing and analytics – covering a wide range of strategies, case studies and best practices.

Full-Service Digital Agency Capabilities

Strapped for resources? We’ll tap into our network to set up and run your digital paid media for you – everything from search, social to display advertising.

Production & Oversight

Content is king. We can tap into our creator network to resource and oversee production for you. Regardless, it’s critical to tell compelling, visual stories about your brand and offering.