As a former Healthcare CIO, I was always seeking the best tools we could use to make our IT shop the best asset it could be for our organizations. I was fortunate enough to run across a platform with a client that I think is worth considering for today’s healthcare CIOs. Trying to define ServiceNow is harder than it seems. At first, I saw it as a replacement for the client’s help desk. However as we dug into it more, I was intrigued by what it offered and what is on the deck for more application use in heatlhcare. According to the CEO, John Donahue, former CEO at eBay. “ServiceNow helps a company’s technology work for them. It takes what’s complex and streamlines, simplifies and automates it so a company can focus on serving its customers and where they want to innovate and add value. We help companies take advantage of technology to allow them to operate more effectively, more efficiently, and focus on where they want to dedicate their time and energy.”

ServiceNow allows hospitals and healthcare providers to automate the management of medical applications, devices, and facilities. Their cloud platform helps to keep clinical devices and applications available and secure.   In the areas of security, IT Service Management (ITSM), employee experience and customer service, ServiceNow structures and automates patterns of work with intelligent workflows.  This automation accelerates productivity, enables issues to be resolved quickly and reduces case volumes by automating services across the health system. From their website: “Now Platform is a single platform to orchestrate processes across the enterprise with an Intelligent Automation Engine so you can work smarter and faster”